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Fuel surcharge information

Changes in fuel prices result in fluctuating costs for the transport industry, necessitating a variable fuel surcharge which may rise, fall or be removed, in line with movements in fuel prices. The fuel surcharge is applicable to contract customers’ domestic and international parcel and transport unit services. The fuel surcharge will be updated on a weekly basis. The fuel surcharge will be added to the grand total charged for service products. Please note that the fuel surcharge varies between countries and each HRX company has a local fuel surcharge.

Currency Adjustment

Over the past few years, we have observed a significant appreciation of the Polish złoty against the euro. For example, in the years 2021, 2022, and 2023, the average exchange rate of the złoty to the euro was 4.5979. However, in March 2024, the average rate dropped to 4.3069. This represents a change of approximately 6.76% compared to the historical average.

As our sales prices are mainly in euros, while the majority of our costs are incurred in złoty, this currency fluctuation affects our operating expenses and financial planning. To cope with these fluctuations and maintain the quality of our services without raising prices, we are introducing a currency fee. This fee will be adjusted monthly based on the average exchange rate published by the European Central Bank for the previous month. The fee will be physically implemented on invoices from the beginning of June 2024 and will reflect the currency changes from the previous month.